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Coyt Jordan Taxidermy

     Many years ago, around 1966 I shot a fox squirrel. I remember it being the neatest squirrel I had ever seen, as we only shot grey squirrels. It was wrapped in a bag, put in the freezer, and two years later thrown away. I don't know why it was not taken to a taxidermist. I'm sure grocery money for four kids was more important than a squirrel mount. I did vow to myself though, that I would learn to mount. I soon found a company called J.W. Elwood Taxidermy in the back of a Sports Afield magazine. I think it was four dollars a month for lessons. To my shame, I took change from my mother's purse to pay for the manuals. I never stole another dime from her except for this. When I later confessed to her, she said she was sorry she had not given me the money. So with the aid of the manuals and a 177 caliber pellet gun, this 14 year old soon had critters posing in his room. Today, many fox squirrels later, we're rocking on in the fascinating world of taxidermy.


We mount all legal game. (animals, birds, reptiles, and fish). Freeze or refrigerate any potential mount as soon as possible. Call us for price quotes and shipping instructions.


Besides mounting the actual fish, we mount reproductions of most any species of fish. Just tell us the kind of fish, the size and send a photo if you have one. From a 3" bluegill bream to a 16' great white shark, most any fish is available. 


Call For More Info:  850-541-1083, Panama City, FL

Taxidermy Photos

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